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There is an old saying that simply states the following: "There's no such thing as bad publicity"

Well quite frankly I would have to disagree with the adage and dispute this quote.

In the recent news publications, Lehighton Times News and Harrisburg Patriot, an article was published providing rankings of the bottom 50 school districts in the Commonwealth of PA. Unfortunately, Panther Valley School District was on this list. This publication of information, in my opinion, was irresponsible and done without careful vetting of the resource utilized.

I have reached out to the following media outlets to express my views and opinions on this matter: Harrisburg Patriot News, Lehighton Times News, Blue Ridge Cable Channel 13, and in addition I have sought information from

I did hear from, the response I received is as follows:

Hi Dennis,


Thank you for reaching out. We do not have a ranking of the "50 worst schools in PA", and are not associated with Penn Live. The Penn Live article published earlier this week took our data out of context and used it in a way that was never intended. We would never make a list of the worst schools because it is unfair to schools and the families who depend on them. We only give schools numerical rankings when they meet a certain statistical criteria. The schools listed by Penn Live do not have numerical rankings associated with them on our site, making it impossible for the article to order them on a list. 


Please let me know if you have any questions.


Best Regards,



I would be the first person to concede that our test and standardized assessment scores are in need of significant improvement. The scores are unacceptable, the school staffs, in all three of our buildings have worked diligently to address these issues in the core subject areas of ELA, Mathematics, and Science.

Among the fifty school districts listed were four of six districts engaged in the Fair Funding Lawsuit. Obviously, there is a linkage between funding, levels of poverty and educational assessment scores.


When we dig deeper, a commonality among the purported fifty bottom school districts is poverty. Scientific studies offer much analysis on the subject area of achievement on standardized assessments and the impact of poverty. Good test takers are just that good test takers---The true love of learning is a lifelong treasure.

Some things to consider….

Education is a combined effort between home and school. News articles such as the one published tend to erode that trust.

Instantaneous gratification is part of our daily activities---Unfortunately, social media is a harsh reality today---- Go on social media and bash without offering constructive criticism.

There have been positive postings as well on social media--Former students and parents have been responding. Thank You !

Public sentiment is everything.
With it, nothing can fail;
against it, nothing can succeed.”
—Abraham Lincoln

I certainly am not going to attack the media groups that ran with the story because sensational headlines sell but I am extremely disappointed that the story ran without adequate vetting.

The Penn.Live and Patriot News ran the article and a similar article was published in upstate New York. The same headline and the same unconscionable effort to run a story without adequate information or substantiation.

It is disturbing that some media groups decided not to run with the story-----Shamrock media Pottsville, Hazleton, Scranton, and Wilkes-Barre.

Once Pandora’s box opens and the damage has been done it is too late.

A retraction will not be printed.

If a school district in this area received a high ranking congratulations, because when public education succeeds we all benefit.

These young people will be our doctors, nurses, mechanics, artists, musicians, teachers and I look forward to their contributions.

If you desire high test scores, students that graduate either early or on time we all have to get our act together.

We have a strong and vibrant PTO in all three buildings.

The PVES playground project is a prime example.

We have dedicated teachers, para-professionals, support staff, and caring adults.

I have seen postings that stated that we are making excuses.

If you haven’t noticed please look at some of the current issues that cloud education and impede our development.

Need for social and emotional learning.

Poverty and lack of adequate health care.

Emotional and psychological support and services.

Abuse of drugs and alcohol.

Young people feel alienated.

This is not the schools that parents and grandparents attended.

People are angry frustrated and mistrustful.

There have been 13 school shootings this year and it is February 8th.

The most recent school shooter is a twelve year old girl.

All that I can remind our PV folks is that we have opportunities. Don't let someone else's opinion of you become your reality---Success follows hard work.

And don’t forget Dr. Seuss - his first book was rejected 27 times before getting published!
Lots of best sellers (JK Rowling for example went thru something like 52 rejections). It doesn’t define who you are or your work. It makes a great story of persistence to tell.


Additional clarifications regarding the dress code policy:
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Incident Report PVJSHS 

Good Afternoon,

As many of you may already know the Panther Valley School District had planned to conduct Red Alert Lockdown Drills in all district buildings earlier today (3/19/2018). The drills were held in all three buildings. The drills went well.

The Panther Valley Junior Senior High School was slated for a drill at 7:45 AM. Very shortly after the conclusion of the lockdown at the Junior Senior High School, a staff member found a bullet on the floor of the cafeteria. At that point Summit Hill Police Department was notified. Additional units from Lansford, Nesquehoning, Salisbury Township, PA State Police, and Carbon County Emergency Management were on the scene and helped to assist in a sweep of the Junior Senior High School.

The Panther Valley Junior Senior High School was locked down for the entire morning and well into the afternoon. The Red Alert Lockdown was lifted at about 1:50 PM. The investigation will continue to determine the source of the .45 caliber bullet that was found in the cafeteria.

It was quite uncomfortable for our students to be in a lockdown for the better part of the day. This could not be avoided and we apologize for any inconvenience that our students and staff may have experienced.

We would like to express our appreciation to the following groups: Carbon County Emergency Management, Lehighton Ambulance, Summit Hill PD, Lansford PD, Nesquehoning PD, Salisbury Township PD, PA State Police and Coaldale Police Departments for their support during this recent incident. 


The Ever Increasing Burden of America's Public Schools


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