School Health Index Survey

Help the Adopt A School program by completing these brief surveys!

The Adopt A School program is using the School Health Index tool to gather information to improve the health and wellness of the students, staff, and community of Panther Valley.  The School Health Index will allow us to determine the strengths and weakness of all health aspects of Panther Valley and allow us to work on a School Improvement Plan.  The School Improvement Plan will take the responses from the School Health Index and use them to develop goals for Panther Valley.   

School Health Index modules can be found at: under the “School Health Index survey” tab.  Check back regularly for new modules to be added throughout the school year. 

For more information or to get involved in the School Improvement Plan committee, please contact Kerri Quick at [email protected] or 570-645-2172 x 3074.

Thank you!

Module 1:  School Health and Safety Policies and Environment

Module 2:  Health Education

Module 3:  Physical Education

Module 4: Nutrition Services

Module 5: School Health Services

Module 6: School Counseling, Psychological, and Social Service

Module 7: Social and Emotional Climate

Module 8: Physical Environment

Module 9:  Employee Wellness and Health Promotion

Module 10:  Family Engagement

Module 11:  Community Involvement